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ICF President

"Leading this ministry is my mission from God and He gave me plan of commitment for next ten years." Oleksandr Marchenko is the founder and president of International Center of Fatherhood (ICF).

ICF Ukrainian Team

ICF’s goal for next 10 years is to reach 140,000 men in Ukraine between the ages of 25 and 55 with a strong message to reconcile fathers with their children. Our objective is to build national leadership team of 27 regional coordinators, 27 master trainers and 600 small group facilitators.

Our History

  • November 201310-year Strategic Plan

    The 10th year Anniversary of ICF was signified by the summary of the work of the ministry on the annual gathering of its leadership. During the 10 years of its existence 100 seminars and conferences were conducted throughout Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France and USA. More then 8000 men have participated in fathering conferences and seminars, more then 500 fathers have gone through and received the certification during their studies in small groups. 70 leaders of small groups were trained.
  • June 2011US Nonprofit Corporation

    ICF was registered in USA as a nonprofit organization for the purposes to widen its work among the Slavic communities in the US and development of support for the ministry in Ukraine and other post-soviet countries.
  • June 2010International Development

    ICF organized Fathering seminars in Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy.
  • September 2009Building Bridges of Unity in a Society

    The initiative “Father's Day in Ukraine” had earned the trust of the government, civil and religious organizations. 70 more civil and religious organizations had joined the initiative. As a result The Father's Day became an established event and was celebrated by more then 10 region centers of Ukraine.
  • January 2007Focusing on Nationwide Impact

    Our organization introduced the initiative to establish Father's Day holiday in Ukraine. This was formed by the need to overcome the consequences of the fatherless void in the country and to create the influence and change on the cultural level in the Ukrainian society. There were gathered 10000 signatures in support of this initiative. ICF had signed an Agreement of Cooperation with the Ministry of Family of Ukraine.
  • August 2005International Development

    ICF begun its international influence, by helping local Polish organization with similar goals. During next few years there were conducted conferences and seminars in Russia, Belarus and Moldova.
  • June 2005Great Adventure Project

    The project “Great Adventure” was started. The joined canoeing trips of fathers with sons became very popular since the participants of such trips saw fundamental change in their relationships. Literally great changes were observed during course of one week.
  • December 2003Deepening the Influence locally and overseas

    In the view of ministry's growth and the need of spreading its influence, including the other post-soviet countries, in Ukraine was registered International Center for Fatherhood. Its goal was to continue the work on the highest level in the partnership with NFM and other organizations. Alexander Marchenko became its founder and the president. The structure of the group of Regional Coordinators was formed for small group training by the ICF.
  • May 2000Taking Ministry of ICF to a New Level

    Initiative group was organized as a Ukrainian subdivision of National Fathering Ministry with Alexander as its national director. The strategy and mission were formed in order to help evangelical churches in Ukraine in educating men on the subject of Biblical fatherhood. For such purpose 10- week course “Foundations of Fatherhood” was developed to train men in small groups.
  • October 1998Vision for Ukraine

    In Ukraine the initiative group was organized, led by Oleksandr together with Minnesota National Fathering Ministry, which continued seminars and training for fathers, meetings with students and University teachers in Kiev, Kharkiv, Zhitomir. During several years a study was conducted on the subject of the fatherless childhood as a result of Soviet ideology's influence on the three generations period.
  • November 1997Feasability Study of ICF Ministry

    Oleksandr Marchenko had organized the first conference “Seven secrets of effective fatherhood” in Kiev. Conference was led by the team of teachers from the American organization “National Center for Fathering”. 200 men from different cities of Ukraine had attended this event. The resolution had been made to continue such conferences and seminars in order to fulfill the need of Ukrainian men and their luck of knowledge of meaning of good fatherhood.

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