Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve change at the national level in understanding the role of men as fathers in the family, society and the church through forming state family policy and public opinion for family values; and to promote the biblical model of a good father, to encourage men to follow it and to develop leadership in the home, the church and in society.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment

  • Trust

  • Team work

  • Biblical models

Whom Do We Serve?


Godly fathers are involved in the lives of their children.


Strong families make churches influential in society.


Influential churches make a difference in a society.


Good fathers are the foundation for any healthy society.

We are Committed to our Vision









What People Say About Us?

  • Steve Wilson
    Led by Sasha Marchenko, ICF is doing a great work connecting men’s hearts to their children and to their Heavenly Father.  Sasha’s passion for God and his heart for the fathers, families and children of Ukraine have fueled a 15 year effort that continues to bear fruit in a society that desperately needs strong families to survive in challenging times.
    Steve Wilson
    National Center for Fathering
  • Tim Olson
    Having worked closely with “Sasha” for 8 years in Ukraine and the US, I have witnessed the efforts of ICF not only changing men and their families but literally impacting the nation of Ukraine and the Slavic people. I am impressed and convinced that he is God’s man for the this ministry.
    Tim Olson
    Personal and Business Life Coach
  • Andrey 32 y.o. father of four kids
    I had problems with my wife and kids many times. That disappointed me as a Christian. I have made decision to change my attitude. I will play with my kids, see cartoons, read books, and have meals together.
    Andrey 32 y.o. father of four kids
  • Leonid 65 y.o. father of six kids
    The leadership seminar I attended was very important for me,  because I had a possibility to look at my family life from another perspective. I learned new ways of solving problems in family life. I will work on my relationship with kids to make it better.
    Leonid 65 y.o. father of six kids
  • Pastor Petro
    It was most exciting and practical leadership seminar for men what I have. Team of ICF was very organized and prepared. Participants had answers to their questions even more what they expect.
    Pastor Petro
    Kharkiv Evangelical Church

Our Partners

  • Ridgewood Church