Follow up Leadership Seminar in Kharkiv

Fathering seminar in Mikolaiyv
April 28, 2014
Regional Coordinator’s Master Training in Kyiv
December 29, 2014
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Follow up Leadership Seminar in Kharkiv

Follow up seminar for Small Group Facilitators (SGF) went on 14 June for leaders who was participant in winter leadership seminar in Kharkiv and had small group experience on February – April 2014. 25 small groups started in two weeks after seminar.

We had 30 participants. The seminar-training help facilitators to interchange their life experience and learn from each other. All of them did testimony that they had extraordinary communication experience with fathers at their churches. Small groups for them were place where God healed and changed hearts and relationships at the families.

I thought I was not very but good father.  After few weeks study at small group I understood that I need to be better. And I need to talk with my son. Once I told him:
– Son, forgive me for so little time I spent with you
– Yes dad I forgive you never spent time with me
I was crashed by his frankness but the same time God start renew our relationship.

Sergey, SGF (45 years old)

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