ICF ministry report May 2016

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February 20, 2015
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ICF ministry report May 2016

Leadership Seminar

Sergey teaching father seminarThe ICF ministry is going well. God blessed us in 2015 to do:

  1. One Leadership Seminars for Regional Coordinators to equip 8 men for national leadership team
  2. Two Leadership Seminars for Small Group Facilitators to equip 30 men
  3. Four seminars for churches in Kyiv, Truskavec and Zaporizhya for 180 participants include 70 couples and 40 fathers totally
  4. One master training for School of Christian counselors at CBN association in Ukraine
  5. Two Fathering seminars at public schools and one for local military self-defense unit. It was 86 participants totally included 15 couples, 51 fathers and 5 moms
  6. 40 small groups for 240 fathers in average

Dad & daughter on Father's DayThree Father’s Day festival event in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy for 12000 participants in overage totally; Festival in Kyiv impact was more than 150 volunteers from 11 social and Christian organization, more than 2500 children and teens with their fathers. 2500 booklets “Heavenly Father” were spread. Part of this booklet was creating like personal letter from God composed by Bible passages presented promises of Heavenly Father.

8 national wide TV channels visited and report about event at news programs. 3500 balloons salute in honor of dads with people chanting “I love my dad!”

Most encouraging are facts we reached and made influence and brought changes on 750 Ukrainian families through teaching fathers to be better husband and dads in Heavenly Father model in last two years. And we started Evangelism program through seminars at public schools and developed Father’s Day festival on nationwide level. Praise God!

My team and I blessed to do our work on God’s fields in February to May 2016 for:

  1. Leadership seminar for 6 Regional Coordinators and 10 Small Group Facilitators in Kyiv
  2. Seminar for 20 fathers from Greek Catholic church in Kyiv
  3. ICF participate in National forum for family in Kyiv
  4. “Daddy’s weekend” retreat with training for 20 fathers and 30 children in Lutsk
    Seminar at CBN Christian Counseling School it was 60 disciples there

Very good discussion meeting with 40 students of technical school and one day evangelism seminar for 23 teacher’s couples of this technical school in Sumy.

Also very good discussion meeting with 60 students of public school and one day evangelism seminar for 20 parent’s couples of this school in Kirovograd. And for 10 couples in Lutsk. It was great opportunity to present God Father and Gospel them. Praise the Lord!

Oleksandr Marchenko teaching on fathering seminar in KlaipedaOversees work:
I was blessed to conduct two days seminar for 40 men from local evangelical church in Klaipeda, Lithuania in April. They like to develop ministry and try small group development.
In Warsaw I had preaching at baptist church and meeting with elders. We made agreement for fathering seminar on fall. They like to start small groups after seminar.

Thank you for your partnership. I like to let you know I very appreciate your contribution in life changing ministry in Ukraine and spread our experience oversee to Europe countries.


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