Seminar for Couples in Kyiv
February 16, 2015
Leadership Seminar
ICF ministry report May 2016
May 18, 2016
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ICF Programs Overview

Seminars in Schools

This is a secular seminar for parents of school children. The purpose of the seminar is to 1) present  the biblical teaching on responsible parenting and to help couples join the parent team and 2) to inspire men to improve their fathering, to be involved in their children’s lives and to participate in the “The Great Adventure” project and Father’s Day festival.

Great Adventure

Canoeing and mountain hiking for men (workshop participants) with their children to help develop practical fathering skills and build a close relationship between father and child from heart to heart. Also, these campaigns give believing men the opportunity to live out the gospel through personal relationships.

Father’s Day Festival

This is a  public evangelism event in the cities where the ICF program is implemented. Preparation and leadership is provided by men who participated in the summer campaigns. This event develops personal relationships between fathers and gives opportunities to share the gospel.

Small Groups

We expect that during this time, stable relationships will be developed with men beyond the church. They will be asked to take training in small group leadership with the gospel component.

Expected Results

Our goal is to increase the numbers of godly men. This will greatly affect the nation to reduce the number of divorces, orphans, juvenile delinquency and violence and to create the formation of a biblical fathering culture in society.

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